Tuesday, October 12, 2010

outer hebridies and cwg

one would wonder what is the connection between the common wealth games and outer hebridies...these islands off the north western coast of scotland are really remote, with few inhabitants spread over a mind blowing set of seascape islands...during our trip there i didn't see even one other indian tourist (and just one indian restaurant in stornoway) which speaks volumes for its remoteness. the gaelic people are very nice but couldn't have known much about india other than the fact that it existed. but the cwg changed all that....

everyday i was there, india and cwg were the main topic of discussion on the telly and the radio. you couldn't have a station on for more than 20 mins before you heard about the "inhuman" condition" of games village, the cobras etc. etc. with a large dollop of sarcasm, derision and condescension. i don't think even santa and banta singh managed to get so many jokes. anyway, the net net is that for good or bad, cwg put india on the map for the people of outer hebridies...a feat achieved by the kcg (kalamadi crony group)...i say poor hard working kalamadi requires at least a bharat ratna for his "inhuman" efforts!!!!

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