Thursday, April 30, 2009

national geographic (nat geo) solo exhibition

this is especially for those of you who are going to be in singapore or passing through singapore from 3/april till 24/may 2009.

national geographic (natgeo) is hosting my solo exhibition at their gallery attached to their store there.

post this, in the latter half of this year, this exhibition may also be moving to their gallery in london. we are also discussing the possibility of exhibiting some of my water photographs (water is one of my favorite themes) in their london gallery during the water week from june 22 to 26th (though I still trying to figure out what is "water week"!!!)

as a nature photographer, i am thrilled at this recognition from the ultimate in nature photography. Do drop in if you are in Singapore during this time and buy the pictures for a worthy cause!!

The address is #01-19 VivoCity, 1 Harbour Front Walk. Singapore.

The site is

bringing awareness

there are many ways to bring about awareness about nature degradation and the urgent need for is to highlight the damage done by man in his quest for a "better life" by degrading and ravaging nature - the stick approach, scaring everybody to believing in the need for conservation. the second is to highlight the beauty around us and getting people to see what they would lose if we continue the way we do for some more years - the carrot approach, getting everybody to appreciate the beauty and hence the need to conserve.

i, of course belong to the latter category...hopefully when someone sees the beauty of nature in my photographs, they would be tempted to go back to their roots, take time off from their busy schedules and not look but "see" what is around us and more importantly what we are losing around us!